2016 Newmar Ventana LE

2016 Newmar Ventana LE combines Freightliner XCR chassis and Cummins ISB diesel engine

A Freightliner® XCR chassis with a Cummins® ISB 340 HP diesel engine is found on the four 34’ - 37’ units. The four 40’ Ventana LE diesel pushers are built on a Freightliner® XCR chassis and paired with a Cummins® ISB 360 HP diesel engine. All Ventana LEs have Newmar’s Comfort Drive™ Steering System.

2016 Ventana LE motorhome gets new exterior front and rear cap design

The 2016 Ventana LE motorhome is now 2” taller than its 2015 sister coaches. In addition both the front and rear caps have been re-designed as the motorhome undergoes a complete life cycle change. New exterior graphics and paint schemes include, “Peppercorn,” and “Evening.”

Peppercorn Exterior

Evening Exterior

2016 Ventana LE RV has new steel super structure, STAR Foundation

New in 2016 is the beefed up steel super structure called STAR (Strong, True, And Robust) Foundation. This new substructure or foundation is added to the chassis and provides more strength and support to allow for more innovation and customer requested features. Plus, with the increase in height in the 2016 Ventana LE RV, the baggage doors have been the focal point for a 2” increase in height on this diesel pusher.

Interior design features two new décor packages on the 2016 Ventana LE by Newmar.

Newmar introduced two new interior décor packages for the 2016 Ventana LE by Newmar. They are “Crepe” and “Mirage.” They nicely complement the three cabinet choices available in this diesel pusher which includes “Astoria Glazed Maple,” “Sienna Glazed Maple,” and “Empire Glazed Maple.” The Ventana LE will also offer the new “Comfort Booth” as the standard dinette. This dinette resembles the euro booth dinettes found in more expensive Newmar motorhomes.

Crepe Decor

Mirage Decor

Astoria Glazed Maple

Sienna Glazed Maple

Empire Glazed Maple

Electronic upgrades and electrical improvements make the 2016 Ventana LE motor home the choice for value-oriented RV buyers

The 2016 Ventana LE motor home dash radio has been improved with the installation of a Harman JBL® 180 Watt sound system with a custom tuned six-speaker audio system. With an ear toward America’s migration to smartphone technology, Newmar has placed a USB charger in the bedroom on the front panel of the night stand, just below the countertop and above the cabinet door.

Seven new floor plans highlight the 2016 Ventana LE diesel pusher.

Only one 2016 Ventana LE diesel pusher plan has been a carryover from the 2015s and it is VLDP3436. Seven new floor plans have been introduced for 2016. The former 36’ plans are now 37’ and the 38’ floor plans have grown to 40’ plans. The new plans are as follows:

VLDP3427 A quad slide with an “L-shaped” kitchen, and queen bed

VLDP3436 A full-wall slide, plus two reg. slide-outs, a forward dining room, and a queen bed

VLDP3709 A full-wall slide, plus two reg. slide-outs with a bath and a half feature, and a queen bed

VLDP3725 A full-wall slide, plus two reg. slide-outs offering a king size bed in the master suite

VLDP4002 A full-wall slide, plus two reg. slide-outs with a bath and a half feature, and a king size bed

VLDP4037 A full-wall slide, plus two reg. slide-outs with a bath and a half feature, and king size bed

VLDP4040 A quad slide diesel pusher with bunk beds/flip up wardrobe, plus king size bed

VLDP4044 A quad slide diesel pusher with midship bath and a half plan, and king size bed

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