2018 Newmar New Aire

Newmar Welcomes “New Aire” to the Family

For the 2018 model year, Newmar unveiled its “New Aire” premium motorhome. It’s compact in size but packs a huge punch when it comes to the standard luxury and quality Newmar is known for. The 2018 New Aire is equipped with state-of-the-art features like glass dash with digital instrumentation, push button ignition start and 360-degree rear and side view cameras. Available in two floor plans (3341 and 3343), the New Aire luxury RV is built on a Freightliner® XCR chassis and powered by a Cummins® ISB 360 HP diesel engine.

New Aire presented in three full-paint Masterpiece™ finishes

The new 2018 New Aire is presented in three full-paint Masterpiece™ finishes with Clearcoat and Diamond Shield Protection on the front cap. The exterior paint schemes are “Glacier,” “Moonbeam,” and “Shadow.”

Glacier Exterior

Moonbeam Exterior

Shadow Exterior

2018 New Aire interior décor choices

There are three exceptional interior décor options to choose from in the 2018 New Aire luxury compact RV. Those include fabrics and hardwood cabinetry finishes, which are also available in ultra-high-gloss form. The fabric patterns are “Glacier,” “Moombeam,” and “Shadow.” Hardwood cabinetry options are “Carmel Glazed Cherry,” “Wicker Glazed Maple,” “Bermuda Glazed Maple,” and “Sable Maple.”

Glacier Decor

Moombeam Decor

Shadow Decor

Carmel Glazed Cherry

Wicker Glazed Maple

Bermuda Glazed Maple

Sable Maple

Floor plans available for 2018 New Aire luxury motorhome

The 2018 New Aire luxury motorhome is available in two floor plans, both measuring 33 feet long. The 3341 model features four individual slideouts, while the 3343 model presents triple slideouts, which includes a full-wall expansion.

2018 New Aire 3341

2018 New Aire 3343

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