Comfort Drive Steering Exclusive to Newmar Diesel Pushers |

Exclusive Comfort Drive Steering System is available on all Newmar diesel pushers since the 2008 model year.

2009 Dutch Star Comfort Drive Signage

Newmar Corporation has introduced  a revolutionary steering system called, Comfort Drive™.  This new system is being hailed as the  biggest improvement in vehicle steering systems since “power steering” replaced  manual steering.  The Comfort Drive™ Steering system assists  the driver of a Newmar diesel pusher with high speed lane placement,  self-centering of the motorhome, pull compensation, and reduced driver workload  for cornering and backing-up.  A dash mounted Comfort Drive Steering adjustment control allows each driver to adjust the responsiveness of this system to their personal  driving preferences.

Comfort Drive Adjustable Knob

This electric motor-assisted  steering development enables motorhome drivers to remain behind the wheel  longer, without the effects of a long day.  Ladies are finding this system so accommodating  that they are more eager than ever to get behind the wheel. 

The Comfort Drive Steering System has been well accepted in the recreational vehicle marketplace.  Newmar Dealers hail the advancement as a cutting edge technological improvement in the RV industry.  This electronic assist on the steering column uses Newmar Parts for any repairs.

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