2018 Newmar Mountain Aire

What’s new for 2018 Mountain Aire Luxury Motorhomes

For 2018, Newmar is introducing a new 40-foot floor plan (4047), along with five new floor plans (4531, 4534, 4535, 4536 and 4537). Electronic Stability Control (ESC) has been added as a standard feature, with adaptive cruise control and 360-degree camera system available as options. Built on a Freightliner® or Spartan® tag-axle chassis, Mountain Aire delivers a quiet, stable ride courtesy of the STAR Foundation, while Comfort Drive™ and Passive Steer combine to provide “the ultimate RV driving experience.” The 2018 Mountain Aire is powered by a Cummins® 500 horsepower diesel engine.

New Mountain Aire presented in four full-paint Masterpiece™ finishes

The new 2018 Mountain Aire is presented in four full-paint Masterpiece™ finishes, each with “Cut and Buff” and Nano Shield Protection on the front cap. The four exterior paint schemes for 2018 are “Hawthorn,” “Niagra,” “Paloma,” and “Seville.”

Hawthorn Exterior

Niagra Exterior

Paloma Exterior

Seville Exterior

2018 Mountain Aire interior décor choices

There are four exceptional interior décor options to choose from in the 2018 Mountain Aire luxury RV. Those include fabrics and hardwood cabinetry finishes, which are also available in ultra-high-gloss form. The fabric patterns are “Hawthorn,” “Niagra,” “Paloma,” and “Seville.” Hardwood cabinetry options are “Carmel Glazed Cherry,” “Wicker Glazed Maple,” “Bermuda Glazed Maple,” and “Sable Maple.”

Hawthorn Decor

Niagra Decor

Paloma Decor

Seville Decor

Carmel Glazed Cherry

Wicker Glazed Maple

Bermuda Glazed Maple

Sable Maple

Floor plans available for 2018 Mountain Aire luxury motorhome

The 2018 Mountain Aire luxury motorhome is available in eight floor plans, measuring 40 or 45 feet long. Six of those floor plans are newly introduced for 2018, including the 4537 model which features a master bath with separate vanities, a custom vanity chair, and ample linen storage.

2018 Mountain Aire 4047

2018 Mountain Aire 4531

2018 Mountain Aire 4533

2018 Mountain Aire 4534

2018 Mountain Aire 4535

2018 Mountain Aire 4536

2018 Mountain Aire 4537

2018 Mountain Aire 4553

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